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Absolute gravel is all about finding and going to those places only heard of or dreamed about; traveling on roads that most don't want to or dare to use. It is about traveling remote areas, experiencing nature, openness, silence and closeness to oneself and the creator - without having to rough it when the sun sets in the west.

The gravel roads we travel are grade 1, 2 and 3 with no intent to damage your over-landing vehicle, but using it for which it is designed. However, never become complacent - adventure is always there, waiting.

Come. Travel. Explore. Live. Tell!

Travel the Lesotho Border 5 Day Adventure

Be different. Travel around Lesotho – the Mountain Kingdom, as close to the border as you can get. Spend 5 days on roads, especially gavel roads that are seldom travelled which will present you with most splendid views you will ever find.

Abolute Gravel Tours

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We use the following TRAIL GRADING.

Maintained dirt roads: these roads are graded and maintained year round. Typical non-paved country roads.

Easy 2WD/4WD: feature trails with obstacles that are easy to navigate. In optimum weather conditions, these trails may not require the continual use of 4WD.

Standard 4WD trails: demanding trails on which 4WD is required. You will encounter a variety of more difficult challenges (loose rocks, large potholes, steep inclines/declines and large rocks) on these trails. Possible with stock 4WD vehicle; however, traction device, off-road tyres and low air pressure are recommended. Higher than stock ground clearance is advisable. Low range often used. Moderate experience and driving skills advised. Paint damage and/or possible rocker panel damage is likely.

Difficult trails: these trails traverse very rugged terrain and low range 4WD is required. Higher than stock ground clearance is required. Aggressive tread and low air pressure are required. Traction devices, as well as lift and larger tyres are highly recommended. These trails require above average off-road driving skills. Hi-lift jacks and winches would also be helpful. Paint damage and possible vehicle body and/or mechanical damage are likely.

Impassable trails: these trails are for the extreme four-wheeler only. These trails require highly modified vehicles, including lift, excellent articulation, traction devices front and rear, large tyres with aggressive tread, winches and hi-lift jacks. A high level of off-road driving skills is required. Paint damage is virtually guaranteed, while body and/or mechanical damage is very likely. Roll-overs will be more common on these trails and a winch will be used on at least one obstacle.